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What is BEBF?

How do I start a fellowship in my area?

Why should I have my group affiliated with BEBF?

How do I join BEBF?
How do I publicize my group?
What am I allowed to use Company email for?
Can I invite a guest speaker to share at my group?
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What is BEBF?

The Boeing Employees Bible Fellowship (BEBF) of Puget Sound is dedicated to assisting Boeing employees, retirees, vendors and contract laborers with Bible study and fellowship within The Boeing Company. Bible studies occur before and after work and during lunchtime, depending on the Bible study group. Our other activities include maintaining a local directory of contacts, providing resources for establishing and developing study groups, coordinating and supporting special events.

The Fellowship also provides web opportunities for items of interest to the members of the fellowship, and to others interested in the Christian Scriptures and Christian activities. This website also provides web links to non-Puget Sound Boeing Bible groups when information or updates are provided.

BEBF has a rich heritage.  Although Bible studies have existed at Boeing since its beginning, they were first networked as an entity in Puget Sound about 30 years ago by John Kutz under the name "Good News At Work" (GNAW).  It was officially reorganized as BEBF in the year 2000.

Some of the past presidents have included John Kutz, Walt Dietz, Dave Shirley, Rick Sutherland, Jennie Ostgaard, Becky Stoner, and Nino Spampinato.  The current president is David Tomlinson.  The website is currently  maintained by Fran Lee who has also provided support in various offices throughout the years.  Our original website was designed by the late Ron Rule.  Tammy Arnold designed the current website and continues to provide design support when needed.

How do I start a fellowship in my area?

Fellowship groups are started in many ways. If one has a desire to start a group (format can be determined later), we suggest the following:

  • A time of prayer be given to this and preferably include others who may have an interest right from the outset. (Even those outside your work area)
  • Once you have God's peace to proceed with launching a group; Seek the LORD to send to you whoever He feels should be in your group. (You may be surprised!)
  • Initially invite those in your area who may have exhibited Christian faith, either through their character, words, behavior, or faith symbols.
  • At your initial gathering express your desires for the group, (i.e. Perhaps what God has spoken to your heart, and your focus: prayer, worship, casual study, intense study, fellowship, testimony, all of the above, some of the above…). Be open to the ideas of others, and be honest with them as to whether or not you would be open to see the group style/format changing with time. Consider sharing the group's leadership with others.
  • If you have just one other person willing to support a regular gathering then it's likely that you're off to a start! (We certainly want to avoid any appearance of impropriety, so it is recommended that if the gathering turns out to be one guy and one gal, that further individual prayer be put forth for additional participants, and not gather together until that happens).
  • Once your group has proven that it wants to continue, the group should consider joining BEBF.  See below…
Why should I have my group affiliated with BEBF?

BEBF provides several benefits to groups that meet at facilities of The Boeing Company.  Some of these are:

  • Some measure of accountability, and therefore safety, for those who wish to attend but are concerned about doctrinal detours.  By requiring each group to sign a Statement of Faith as a minimum, there is an inherent level of trust that is provided to anyone who wishes to check the group out, based on fundamentals of Christian doctrine.
  • Since BEBF is affiliated with the Boeing Employees Recreation Council (BERC), there are direct links from the Internal and External BERC web portals to the BEBF Homepage. The BEBF Homepage provides a variety of resources for those who are searching for Bible fellowship at Boeing, or anyone anywhere in the world who might do an Internet search on "Bible", or any of the content in our Web pages.
  • As a recognized "Club" with the BERC, there are privileges that we are entitled to, such as:
    • Facilities use
    • Publicity on public domain employee bulletin boards (provided proper protocol is used)
    • Limited use of company equipment and services, such as copiers, conference room facilities, interoffice mail, limited phone and fax, etc.
  • As a recognized "Club", we may use company equipment for Bible Study materials pertaining to our club that might conceivably otherwise be considered a violation of the Company's Procedure PRO-10. "Proper Use of Company, Customer, and Supplier Resources. "
How do I join BEBF?
In 2012, a revised Constitution and By-Laws, and a BEBF Operating Procedure was ratified by club voting members.  Please read the Operating Procedures for details on how and why the club functions.  If it does not answer your questions, feel free to contact any of the club officers listed in

For accountability purposes we ask that all fellowship group leaders sign the revised Statement of Faith (SOF). Individuals are encouraged to  also sign a SOF and, again, this adds to the credibility of what we stand for as a fellowship. 

Once enrolled, we'd like to at least initially list you as a focal on our website (especially if just starting out and your group has not decided on an on-going meeting time)  under the appropriate Puget Sound area Bible studies page. 

When you have your meeting times and places arranged, contact the webmaster to list that information on the same page. Bible Study Focals should request  copies of "Christian Rights in the Workplace" from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). This booklet  answers most questions that arise (

In addition, by request of our company, ALL Boeing Recreation club attendees at any club function or event are now  required to sign a one-time Release and Indemnity form and forward it to Recreation by way of the current BEBF Vice-President.    Mail to Hank Myers,  MC 0H-92.

How do I publicize my group?

As an affiliated "club" of the BERC (see above), once you are signed up with the BEBF, you may post fairly generic posters (sample flyer) on public employee bulletin boards near where you work. It is always good practice, if possible, to introduce yourself and your group to the focal (person responsible) for the particular bulletin board you will be using. As this will be an on-going meeting, the notice should remain on the board indefinitely, or it should be replaced when it becomes worn. 

Sometimes these notices are removed by people who think this type of announcement is not sanctioned by Boeing.  That is why it is helpful to communicate with the bulletin board focal and familiarize them with our existence as a Boeing club.

The wording on the sample flyer has been approved by Boeing Recreation.  It should not be an offense to anyone.  If this ever becomes an issue and resolution cannot be obtained through your immediate supervisor or the bulletin board focal, please let an officer know and we will assist you in getting your group flyer published in your area.

When you join the BEBF (discussed above), in case we forget to ask, just remind us to get your group added to our website's Bible studies page.

What am I allowed to use Company e-mail for?

The Boeing Company is clear regarding the use of e-mail for personal use, and we refer you to Procedure 10 (PRO-10). We are of the understanding from the BERC, that club board members may use email sensibly among board members, which include area coordinators. It is expected that on very rare occasions an email will go out from the board members to either select area focals, or to all focals regarding club business and company requirements.  Individual study focals should abstain from the use of company email to communicate with their group's participants. It is strongly recommended that group members arrange for external email addresses and group leaders make efforts to communicate with their members through their external e-addresses.

The company expressly prohibits "religious content" and "political content" in company e-mails.

Timely issues sometimes come up which are of concern to you and also happen to be of concern to people who may or may not attend your group, (prayer requests, or praise reports for example). On these occasions, it is suggested that you use discretionary internal email as though you were simply communicating with dear friends or coworkers. 

Can I invite a guest speaker to share at my group?
BEBF groups may invite guest speakers to share in their study group, or for special occasions.  Boeing has certain expectations of content shared by clergy in particular.  The Talking Points Guidelines provide the study focal or host ample guidance for such occasions. 

Boeing Recreation | Boeing Policy PRO-10 (on Boeing Intranet)
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Last Updated: 11/23/2014