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 Welcome to the Boeing Employees Bible Fellowship events website!      

Special Items of Interest

at Boeing Everett Fitness Center
is Friday,

DECEMBER 8, 2017

Donations Accepted

Family sing-a-long and program

at 7 PM.

We want YOU to be our guest!
Boeing Everett Fitness Center*
40-201 Building
6400 36th Ave. West
Everett, WA 98204

 (Use MapQuest)

Take I-5, Ex. 189, H522 to

Seaway Blvd on right (3.2 mi.)

Stay STRAIGHT on Seaway (which becomes 36th Ave W) 

Fitness Center is on your left AT TOP OF  LAST HILL.



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Have we learned how important it is
to VOTE and be eternally active and vigilant?

Another special website with 40 pastors

for 40 days:



We have ratified the New BEBF Constitution,
New BEBF Operating Procedures,
and Revised BEBF Statement of Faith!!

Sign the Revised Statement of Faith
to signify your willingness to adhere to the new Constitution/Operating procedures.   


See a list of Boeing Bible clubs  
in locations around the U.S.

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Movies of interest:
(write your own reviews of new movies/DVDs and send in!) 

New "Movies of Interest" added at bottom of this page.

Just $20 will send a package to someone who does  not receive mail!

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"America, you can count on me."  KEEP THOSE PACKAGES COMING!

When someone says, "Let the government take care of the troops" they are missing several important things. First of all WE THE PEOPLE are the government and it is every citizens responsibility on how our nation is managed. Secondly, those that are serving are not just numbers but rather people. Someone's daughter, son, father and mother, they are private citizens who have had the courage to step forward and say:     

 G.I. AMERICA  helps fill those gaps that occur between the time a private citizen enlists to when they come home having served faithfully on their tour of duty. We work with outstanding organizations to assist them in the collection of funds, the purchase of materials, the filling of packages, the delivery of those needed packages of love to our military family. Please remember that our beloved military are our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers of the republic. WE THE PEOPLE includes our beloved friends and family in uniform.

Will you support this noble effort? The funds collected will be used for buying needed supplies to keeping the lights on and the message going forth.           

Special Items of Interest

Movies of interest:
(write your own reviews of new movies/DVDs and send in!)  

AFA Store has many new movie recommendations

Won't Back Down combines honest, emotional drama with a genuine sense of purpose. Taking a raw and unflinching look at the current state of our country's education system, this film provides an optimistic and actionable point of view for parents, teachers, and community activists alike.

Must see for every real man

Review by huskier

     Absolutely loved it.  Realistic, i.e. lacking hollywood-style 30 car blow ups and stupid special effects. Simply realistic.  Has humor, actually very good humor, not even close to modern toilet style comedies.
     I don't care what "critics" say on rottentomotoes and other websites. In my opinion and in opinion of millions of Christian men, this movie has very powerful message, wake up call for many, simple solution for modern world - RESPONSIBLE FATHERS.
We are not perfect but unlike politicians we CAN make a difference.


Hidden Secrets - DVD
Preview was funny, poignant, appealing to Christians and non-Christians

The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided. 
This is the third movie in the series and was recently released. 
All three movies are excellent.  (recommended by Eric Porter)

Letters to God
Blind Side
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Road to Redemption
 One Night With the King
The Ultimate Gift
Second Chance
The Climb
The Ride
The Notebook

Amazing Grace      
The Nativity Story
One Night with the King
Facing the Giants
Pursuit of Happyness
We Are Marshall
Sweet Land

(recommend your favorites)

Visit the Presidential Prayer Team.


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reflect those of The Boeing Company.

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